Certified translation office in Heliopolis

Certified translation office in Heliopolis, Rosetta is a member of the American Translators Association.

আচ্ছালামু আলাইকুম প্রিয় দর্শক - আজকের আইডিয়ার পক্ষ থেকে আপনাকে স্বাগতম। আজকে আমি আপনাদের মাঝে Certified translation office in Heliopolis নিয়ে আলোচনা করব।

Certified translation office in Heliopolis সম্পর্কে আরো জানতে গুগলে সার্চ করতে পারেন অথবা আমাদের ওয়েব সাইটে অন্যান্য পোস্টগুলো পড়তে পারেন। তো চলুন আমাদের আজকের মূল বিষয়বস্তুগুলো এক নজরে পেজ সূচিপত্রতে দেখে নেয়া যাকঃ

Rosetta Translation Company, Heliopolis Branch

About Rosetta Foundation - Heliopolis Branch for Certified Translation Services, Rosetta is a member of the American Translators Association. It is also licensed and certified to practice all translation work required of it by the International Federation of Translators (FIT). Rosetta Foundation for Translation is also accredited by the Egyptian Translators Association. And obtained accreditation No. 10949.

Certified translation office in Heliopolis
And obtaining a license from the Ministry of Social Solidarity. The company also provides its services in all fields of certified translation of certificates, documents, and papers; This is due to its approval by the offices of ministries, justice offices, embassies, official bodies, government offices and universities inside and outside Egypt.

Rosetta Translation Services is characterized by providing the best translation work required of it in all fields in all languages, through its reliance on 1800 translators spread around the world in Egypt, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, the United States, France, Spain, Italy, Korea, Poland, Germany , Canada. At the highest level of efficiency and accuracy, who were selected according to tests carried out by specialists in the fields of translation in all languages. The company also takes into account high quality and reasonable prices for all segments of customers and companies. Confidentiality is also taken into consideration when translating documents, documents and papers of companies. As we translate literature, we also translate corporate budgets, which are among their most important secrets. The company is also unique in its cooperation with publishing houses in the field of translation, translation offices and newspapers outside and inside Egypt. Rosetta Translation Services is also proud to provide the best specialized translations in the fields of medical, legal, engineering, technical, commercial and literary marketing sciences, patent translation. We are working to meet your translation needs in all specialized and general fields.


It is a verbal communication between two groups of individuals who speak two or more languages, whether it is immediate or consecutive. The interpreter is seated inside a soundproofed room and speaks into the microphone while listening to the sender of the voice message through earphones. Then he sends the message, after translating it, to the audience, who also listens to it through headphones The translator conveys the intentions, feelings, and meanings felt by the speaker that allow the audience to hear the message in a way that is similar to the life that native speakers experience when hearing the message.

Certified translation department

Rosetta Translation Services provides translation services accredited to the following embassies:
American Embassy - Canadian Embassy - French Embassy - German Embassy - Dutch Embassy - Ukrainian Embassy - Portuguese Embassy - Czech Embassy - Swiss Embassy - Thai Embassy - Belgian Embassy - North African Embassies - British Embassy - Australian Embassy - Italian Embassy - Spanish Embassy - Russian Embassy - Turkish Embassy - Hungarian Embassy - Polish Embassy - Malaysian Embassy - Swedish Embassy - Arab Embassies - Government Bodies.

Types of documents and documents

Certified translation of birth certificates.
Certified translation of marriage contracts.
Certified translation of university graduation certificates and experience certificates.
Certified translation of university certificates and transcripts of all kinds.
Certified translation of bank accounts.
Certified translation of legal contracts, investment certificates, import and export cards.
Certified translation of corporate budgets and engineering measurements.
Certified translation of death certificates.
Certified translation of divorce contracts.
Certified translation of commercial agencies, records and tax cards.
Certified translation of all official documents and contracts.
Certified translation of letters, pension statement and receipts in all its forms.
Certified translation of medical reports and medical prescriptions.

Department of specialized translation

It is a translation of content with a high level of specialization in a specific field and requires previous experience from the translator and reviewer in this field to achieve the highest level of accuracy in terminology and wording. Rosetta Translation Services provides translation of all documents, translation of videos, films and all fields of books, whether economic, engineering, medical, political or scientific. The company also provides translation services for corporate budgets and translation of catalogs of all forms and engineering measurements. For more information, please visit our translation departments.


The proofreading of language services is the final and comprehensive review of all printed texts. For example, proofreading is done when a handwritten text is printed to be converted into an electronic version. This rarely happens now; The request has turned into what is called a revision, which is intended to check for spelling, grammatical, and terminological errors and other errors in the semi-final version. The proofreaders and proofreaders are specialists in this field in all the languages ​​we translate from and into.


What is meant by revision is the final examination and proofreading and correction of grammatical, spelling and terminological errors. It is a departure from the ordinary for the native language speaker. He reviews all the works we receive from those who have comprehensive editing and proofreading expertise in the required language. Business-specific matters such as volume of work are taken into account (a discount is made on large works and projects) and then the quality of editing in the text to be reviewed. We examine the work and determine very competitive prices to ensure the comfort, safety and happiness of customers.

Desktop publishing services

Rosetta Translation Services provides desktop publishing services as part of its translation and other services business. There is also a team specialized in desktop publishing services, who have a high ability to innovate and create

আপনারা আসলেই আজকের আইডিয়ার একজন মূল্যবান পাঠক। Certified translation office in Heliopolis এর আর্টিকেলটি সম্পন্ন পড়ার জন্য আপনাকে অসংখ ধন্যবাদ। এই আর্টিকেলটি পড়ে আপনার কেমন লেগেছে তা অবশ্যই আমাদের কমেন্ট বক্সে কমেন্ট করে জানাতে ভুলবেন না।

কোন মন্তব্য নেই
এই পোস্ট সম্পর্কে আপনার মন্তব্য জানান

দয়া করে নীতিমালা মেনে মন্তব্য করুন - অন্যথায় আপনার মন্তব্য গ্রহণ করা হবে না।

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